National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-8255

Mental Health & Wellness Services & Contact Information

“It’s Just a Conversation”

Services Providers

When contacting referenced providers, please let them know your affiliation with GRFD, or at least your status as a fire department employee.

Doing so will help providers focus their initial response.

In-House Emergent and Non-Emergent Assistance

Health and Safety Deputy Chief: 

  • Chris Grissom – (520) 404-1385

On Duty Battalion Chiefs: 

  • BC 370 – (520) 825-5911
  • BC 380 – (520) 825-5925

Financial Assistance with Mental Health & Wellness Services

Greater Tucson Fire Foundation (GTFF) Fund for Mental Health Care costs beyond those covered through insurance:

  • GTFF Helpline & Support Services – (520) 333-5695

Critical Situation Professional Response

Sonora Behavioral Crisis Stabilization Team

  • Phone Number – (520) 469-8700

Critical Situation – Over the Phone Counseling

National Suicide Prevention Line:

  • (800) 273-8255

Crisis Response Network (Central AZ Line):

  • (800) 631-1314

IAFF 24-Hour Helpline:

  • (844) 359-8764

Firestrong Firefighter & Family Crisis & Support:

  • (844) 525-3473

Professional Counseling Services

For a time sensitive, but non-emergent need (weekday availability). 

All providers will respond within 24 hours. Initial visit normally scheduled within a week of initial contact.

Please be sure to indicate your GRFD affiliation.

Jorgenson Brooks Group – (520) 575-5400

Sunlight Center for Change (GTFF Affiliate) – (520) 344-0056

Sequoia Springs Counseling (GTFF Affiliate) – (520) 447-4164

Sonora Behavioral Outpatient Services, Dan Krepps – (520) 312-6111

Jewish Family/Children Services – (520) 795-0300

Marana Health Care – (520) 682-1091

Caritas Center for Healing, Sue Dolence – (520) 336-3964

He Said / She Said, E.J. & Tarah Kerwin – (520) 955-4809, or (520) 955-1876

De Novo Wellness Center

  • Jennifer Spencer, Couples – (520) 395-2442
  • Somayeh Shunk, Trauma & Postpartum Depression – (520) 395 2369
  • Berenis Romo, Children/Adolescents & Families, Spanish Speaking – (520) 395-1200

Faith-Based Professional Counseling Services

Any qualified counselor can address issues of faith and for most folks this will be more than adequate.  For others, however, faith is the bedrock of their sense of well-being.


  • Renewal Centers, Michelle Statt or Gina Bains to schedule – (520) 791-9974
  • MHC Healthcare *Request Randy Buck* – (520) 682-1091

Christian Based

  • GRFD Chaplain Steve Wright (520) 334-0075
  • Grace Counseling Ministry, Anne Lewis – (520) 447-4164

Critical and Long-Term Inpatient Services

Americas Rehab Campuses – Arizona6944 E Tanque Verde Rd 85715

  • Admissions – (844) 272-5609
  • Frank Eisenhauer – (24 Hours) (602) 339-7338
  • 24 Hour On-Site Admissions for Critical Intervention – No Prior Contact Required
  • This facility provides several acuity levels of inpatient services – The facility has a number of amenities such as a pool, on site café, and workout room. The intent is to provide a quality residential environment that encourages healthy behavior and social interaction.

Intensive Inpatient Rehab/Counseling – This program is for both substance dependence and/or mental health difficulties (monitored 24 hours/day residence with scheduled counseling sessions).

Residential Rehab/Counseling Services – This program provides a service where recipients live on the premises while completing the appropriate rehabilitative/counseling curriculum, but can leave for work, to meet family, etc.

Sober Living – This program provides rental apartments on the grounds of the facility, but separate from the inpatient services. The intent is to allow individuals who are experiencing an event, such as a relationship separation, with a short-term rental option that does not have a time commitment attached.  The units are essentially apartments and renters are free to come and go as they please, however, as the name of the program implies, there are limits on activities allowed onsite.

Critical Short-Term Inpatient Services (Stabilization & Counseling)

Sonora Behavioral Health – 6050 N Corona Rd 85704

  • Admissions (24 hours) – (520) 469-8700
  • 24-Hour On-Site Admissions for Critical Intervention – No Prior Contact Required

Out-of-State Inpatient Services

IAFF Center for Behavioral Health Treatment & Recovery Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Journey Healing Centers Salt Lake City, Utah

The Ranch Tennessee, Mississippi, Pennsylvania

The Florida House – Deerfield Beach, Florida

Alternative Rehabilitative Healing Retreats

Boulder Crest Retreat – Arizona / Virginia – Healing Heroes. One Family at a time.

*Programs are no cost to Vets / First Responders, but there is an application/review process

  • Warrior PATHH: 18-month program begins with a 7-day intensive and immersive in-residence initiation.
  • Family PATHH: 5-day program focused on the entire family
  • Couples PATHH: 3-day program
  • Caregiver PATHH: 3-day program
  • Family Rest and Reconnection R&R: 2-7 night family focused retreat